October 12 is a day millions of Squash sport lovers across the globe come together in their different community to celebrate Squash as a sport. This day is set aside to educate and introduce the sport to different people, telling of it health benefits, networking and so on.

A recent sports study was conducted on various sports to determine which provided the best health benefits we all seek. Of the studied sports were tennis, squash, rowing, swimming, running, Football, Basketball among others. Sport considered to be the healthiest based on factors such as cardio and muscular endurance, possible injury risks, and the calories used during a 30-minute exercise session is SQUASH.

What is Squash..?

Squash is a global sensation, attracting audiences from every corner of the world.

As an elite sport, it attracts the most robust, dedicated, and passionate athletes, and has been named the number one healthiest sport by Forbes magazine.

Played year-round by 25 million passionate fans in 175 countries, squash is a powerful and challenging contest of agility, strategy, talent, and mental and physical strength that grasps the attention of crowds and keeps them transfixed on the next move.

Sitting courtside is a gripping and entertaining experience that you won’t want to miss.