One could think Nigerian fighters in the UFC: the likes of Israel Adesanya (Middleweight), Kamaru Usman (Welterweight), Ikechukwu (Heavyweight), Sodiq (Featherweight) & Hakeem Daodu (Featherweight) are using the anger from their motherland to defeat their opponents to stupor, making waves, emerging Champions with KOs in most of their MMA fights in the UFC.

Credit to our Isoptera edenda Rulers who unknowingly made us discover the inner us, the survival tactics of the Common Naija Born.

The prosperity we seek should not be far from reach, We all can’t travel abroad in the bid to make earns meet as some of us believe it is from above. For those that did & can, thanks for making us proud wherever you are, standing among foreign crowd, raising our Flag.

The time is now, I urge Nigerians to decide their fate, pick the Leaders & not just a Leader as we are sick & tired putting our fate in Rulers.


Happy Independence day Nigeria, God bless Nigeria, God guide Nigerians.

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