The finals of the 1st Timekeepers tournament took place on Saturday 17th July 2021 at the Ivory Health Club. The finals were between two rivals, Onaopemipo Adegoge and Gabriel Olufunmilayo.

Onaopemipo Adegoke, after a tough rally, beat Gabriel Olufunmilayo 3 – 2 Majors.

Final Result

Onaopemipo Adegoke
Gabriel Olufunmilayo
3-2 Retired
1hr 9mins

Semifinals Results

Onaopemipo Adegoke
Samuel Kehinde 3-2
1 hour, 2mins

Gabriel Olufunmilayo
Abel Shedrack 3-2
1 hour


How do you feel after this tournament and what do you have to say to the Organizers?

I felt really great after claiming the title of the First Timekeeper Invitational Squash Tournament.
I want to say a very huge thank you to the organizers and the sponsors, Time Keeper and Also Ivory health club for hosting us also giving me a chance to claim the First Time Keeper Squash Tournament – Onaopemipo Adegoke

I feel great even though I couldn’t complete the match because of my injury, have not been consistent with my training due to my injury and school. The semi-final match was so tough that I couldn’t recover for the final the next day.
We say thank you to the organizers’ Timekeeper international, ivory health club for having us and I hope we gave the crowd a good game to watch. we’re hoping for more tournaments from the private sector. A very big thank you to the sponsor, God bless you, sir. – Gabriel Olufunmilayo

Nice to meet you Seun PETERS CEO – HEAD WATER squash Academy: Your support for squash over the years is unarguably superb. With the continuous emergence of Different squash tournaments like TIMEKEEPERS SQUASH TOURNAMENT & others, where do you see squash in Nigeria a decade from now?

With the coming up of many tournaments many players have been discovered, especially the junior players, this has made the level of playing to be very high and quality better than years before. It also made more minors pick interest in squash, parents are also more willing to release their children for squash training because it keeps them busy and gives them a well define career

If we continue like this, we certainly are heading towards Egyptians level of recognition if only we can help our players to attend more PSA tournaments in and outside Nigeria, in order to gather points and exposure to a large extent, they need to play more with the world-leading players. Playing alone in the Nigeria circuit would not really help players like Onaopemipo, Gabriel, Abel, and few others, who seem to have reached their pinnacle of performance except they go purely international.


Mr. Bolaji Akinyemi, a professional squash player, and  C.E.O of Timekeepers International Limited, in an interview with Naija Squash Media, said that being a professional squash player in Nigeria is tough. Moreover, squash players across the world have also had their fair share of the adverse effects of COVID-19. However, for  Nigeria squash players the effect is even far worse because “there are now fewer tournaments to play in to earn a living “, Bolaji Akinyemi says. Hence, as a keen squash lover and an advocate of this indoor sport, the intention of sponsoring this tournament is to support and encourage Nigerian squash professionals while also increasing their participation.