Hugues Zango wins Burkina Faso 1st Ever Medal in Olympic History

Hugues-Fabrice Zango gives Burkina Faso the first medal in its history

The tenth time of Olympic appearance l is a charm for West African country Burkina Faso who has finally earned its first Olympic medal, courtesy of triple jump athlete Hugues Fabrice Zango.

Zango’s jump of 17.47m earned him a bronze medal at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, the first Olympic prize ever awarded in history to Burkina Faso.

Zango’s family. Members cheered him on their sofa as they watched him on their TV. They all jumped in joy when Zango leaped 17.47m on his last run and finished third place to claim the bronze medal.

Zango’s historic win came on the same day as his country’s 61st independence anniversary.

On Twitter, President Roc Marc Kabore described his win as a ‘national pride’.

Zango had to combine his busy school schedule to train for the Tokyo Olympics in southwest France to win this Olympic medal, where he’s an engineering student.

28-year-old Zango, who also won bronze at the 2019 World Championships in Doha, jumped 17.47 meters to claim the third spot on the podium.

Before now Zango had represented Burkina Faso at the Rio games five years ago but went home without a medal.
But today he is not an Olympian champion but a history maker.